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Data Tag Field Syntax - Order of Operations

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I am trying to build a data tag that completes a two step equation in the order i want.


The math i would like to have is:

(Door.width-Door.leafThickness) / 0.2

(A-B) / C


Here is the field definition that i currently have:

(#Door#.#Width##in_0_0#-#Door#.#DoorThickness##in_0_0#) / 0.2


The issue is that I cannot seem to use parenthesis in order to specify to complete the subtraction prior to the division.


This seems basic so hopefully i am just missing something and this will be a quick solution. 


Thank you!


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Okay, still knocking my head against the desk on this one.. for some reason now this operation isn't working.. 




The definition works up until the '/24' but will not add the 0.49 or anything for that matter. I recall in another thread seeing an issue when the perimeter is read as a number rather than a distance, but i need to keep it in inches and if i use 'doc_dist' it displays the perimeter in Ft'-in" format and i cannot seem to then convert it back into just a number. 



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