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SetTextureRefN not working as expected


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I'm building a PIO with a few extrudes in it.  Each one is assigned to a different class.   The classes have both fill colors and textures applied.  In the OIP, I have a drop down menu called "Use Textures" which has the options "None", "Class Textures", and "Custom Textures".


When the "None" option is selected, I'd like the objects to just take on their class fill colors.  I thought that using SetTextureRefN with a -2 index on the 3 partID would set the texture to none, but it does not appear to do so.  In the example shown below, the wrap around at the top is set to the "Box" class.  The "Box" class has a dark grey fill, and a light green texture for testing.  


I am using the following code:

            Poly(---poly coordinates---);
        IF PUSE_TEXTURES='None' THEN SetTextureRefN(LNewObj,-2,3,0);


Is there something I'm missing, or does this not work the way I think it does?





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