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I can't find these layher in the library. Does anyone have it made by himself? Here are the layer objects who aren't/can't find in the library.image.thumb.png.0712d4a9602c75bb3779b7b46f9af3e0.png
And this one for the speakers.
Also I can't find the weightblocks for the layher. 
I hope there will anybody to can help me! Thank in advance 🙂

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from the top:

1. 2672.xxx (Several different lengths)

2. 3207.xxx (Several different lengths) This is aluminum, and not steel.

3. 5435..xxx (Several different lengths) does excist - Scaffold Layher EV SQ-Tube Transom 2,00 M. Though in layher it is called Load beam

4. 5573.010/011

5. 2673/3206.xxx (Several different lengths), and steel and aluminum version. But i think he is reffereing to 5436.200 thta is for the PA tower system.

6. 5411.100

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On 9/19/2023 at 9:13 AM, jcogdell said:

Can you provide the Layher part/artical numbers for these?
So I can pass them on to the content team

I think you have seen the message above me but here are the articles numbers of the layher parts!
1. Don't need anymore 🙂

2.  3207/xxx all lengths if it's possible.

3. 5435/xxx all lengths if it's possible. 

4. 5573/xxx all lengths if it's possible. 

5. 2673/xxx all lengths if it's possible. 

6. weightblock. 

If they are making this one can you say it to me? Thank you!

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