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None Class as Transparent



In Autocad, if a Block (symbol) is created on the '0' Layer (Class) and then inserted on a different Layer (Class), say Platform, it would be possible to do the equivalent of Classes "Active Only" and only have the 'Platform' layer (class) on and see it.

The reason for this is that in Autocad, the '0' Layer is Transparent and takes on the attributes of whatever Layer (class) it is placed on.

As the '0' Layer works very similar to the None Class in VW, it would be extremely useful to make the 'None' Class transparent as well.

It is very useful when creating a library of symbols to create them all on the 'None' class, so they are consistent. The problem currently is that as soon as you insert that symbol onto a class other than the 'None' class, 'Active Only' on classes becomes obsolete.

Once again, if the 'None' class could be transparent, then it would fix the problem.

This problem is compounded by the fact that if you insert a Vectorworks Spotlight symbol (a symbol inserted using the Light, Accessory or Light Position button) no matter what class it was created on, it shares the symbol with the 'None' class. I believe this is a Bug, as I could not see a reason for it.

Please let me know if it is possible to make the None class transparent.

I am attempting to set up standards for Vectorworks on a Schoolwide basis at UCI and this problem is extremely detrimental.

Thank you


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It is impossible to create symbols in the same class in Spotlight because no matter if the symbol was created on the Pipes Class and dropped on the Pipes Class -- Spotlight will share it with the None Class.

The sheets thing is a solution but extremely labor intensive.

As I am setting up standards on a school wide basis, I cannot tell a scenic designer to always place stock platforms on the class that I created it on and it is also labor intensive to go into symbol edit and change it to the class used in that specific drawing file.

If it is not possible to do this now, can it at least be considered for the future. This is extremely prohibitive on any large scale projects, including the corporate artchitectural world.

Can't a symbol just ignore what class it was created on, like it does with Layer?



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It is not currently possible to do what you want. If you want to use the "active only" class option with symbols, then you have to make sure that the symbol itself and the objects inside have the same class.

An alternative way of working is to use saved sheets, with the None class visible on every sheet and other classes visible or invisible as appropriate for that sheet.

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