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use symbol geometry in doors problem...

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When you edit the Door Style 'Use symbol geometry' is not enabled + the symbol referred to doesn't seem to exist in the file:



I don't really understand where the Door object is getting its 2D geometry from if the source symbol isn't present. It won't let you delete those components:



What happens if you import the 'AL2a-ALUMINYUM' symbol into the file then enable 'Use symbol geometry'?

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Flipping of doors in VW2024 has been completely reworked.


My understanding is the prior to VW2024, Flipping a door would rotate/flip the entire object.


In VW2024 the door object itself remains in place (interior and extrerior trim remain on the same side of the wall) while the Leaf hinge point and open direction are flipped/rotated.


You may have to develop a new workflow for what you want to do. I have not looked at your files so I can't make any exact recommendations.

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Please review the drawing I sent. I cannot now use the doors I prepared for VW 2023 on VW 2024! This situation needs to be corrected. As you said, if only the door leaf rotates, the "use symbol geometry" option should be added to the door leaf section. An additional symbol should be made inside the door frame.

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@ETUD, @Tom W., @Pat Stanford,


This is a known issue and we're looking into how to better handle this.

As Pat mentioned, the handling (or "handing") of door and window objects have been completely reworked so that these objects can no longer be flipped in a wall.  Instead, parameters must be used to change handing.  Of course, these parameters have no effect on how symbols display with the "Use symbol geometry" option.

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6 minutes ago, rDesign said:

Since it seems like the custom door symbol workflow has been changed in Vw2024 from previous versions, perhaps a tutorial video on how to properly create custom door symbols in Vw2024 would be helpful?



Currently, the only way to handle this would be to create four different versions of your symbol each representing a different flip state.  This is NOT what we expect you to do but it is the only way to get it to work in the initial VW 2024 release.

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