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Section is not working in sheet space





I have a problem with section/normal viewport. Basically, we are using the section viewport tool to create sections in different design layers. After we created those sections, we created another normal viewport from design layer into sheet space. But for some reason, in our sheet space, the viewport is not showing those sections. I have checked the visibility of layers and classes, and they are all good. (Please see attached screenshot below, probably will be more clearer 😊)


We have created those section viewports in design layer:



And then we create another normal viewport from this layer to sheet space, but in sheet space, the section is not showing. It only has the items from other design layers, not the section viewport layer.



Hope my description is clearer enough 😊. We couldn’t figure out why so does anyone know the answer?  Thank you in advance and I really appreciate!


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We posted this question a few days ago.  In the mean time the workaround was that two viewports got created on the sheet sapce - one for the elevation and another for the section.  Probably not the ideal solution but deadlines can make you do silly things.  Anyway now it displays on the sheet and will not export to the pdf.  See below screenshots - top screen shot is the sheet, bottom is the pdf.  Do you have any suggestions - have we missed a setting somehwere?  what could bec ausing this issue?





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