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Trees working slow in BIM

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Hello, i'm having a hard time with the trees.
How come the trees are working so slow in bim?
It doesn't matter which tree object i select, if it's a BIM Concept tree or a Ornamental tree.
If i convert one 2D tree symbol to a 3D object (Replace symbol) it takes like 1 minute to make it happen.
Sometimes the trees drop down from the surface of the Site Model, when i nudge them it take again like forever to the trees get up to the surface again.


Help please! This doesn't seem to be working right for me now.

Are the trees really that complicated, or is the fault somehow in my Site Model?
My computer specs should not be the problem:
Intel i7-11850H 16/8
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
Memory 16 GB DDR 3200 MHz

Thank you!

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5 minutes ago, Katarina Ollikainen said:

@TeeMuki, this doesn't sound like a normal 'tree' problem - there's nothing inherent in trees that should make them work slower than other geometry. Can you please post a file and we can have a look at what's going on?


Thank you for your quick answer.
The file of ours is very heavy. But i guess its the best for you to look into the original file.
Can i send the projectfile to you some other way than this forum?

Thank you for your help Katarina ❤️

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Actually this problem is not project dependent, im having the same bim-tree issue on every project of ours.
What is the base function behind the tree objects?
They are automatically elevating with the Sitemodel, so might the problem be with the Sitemodel itself why the trees are working so slow? I would assume that the basic 3D-trees are rather light to run even there are multiple instances of them.
Do Vectorworks calculate somehow the projection of the trees via Georeferencing and i have some issues with that? For example, im i doing designing near internal origin 0,0,0 or am i in the World-coordinates?

Just brainstorming here, but this is actually ruining my workflow... And i have to get this to work asap 😞
Thank you for your help!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@TeeMuki, I've looked at the file you sent over and have no issues with it. That's why I would like to see how it runs on your machine.

The plant objects are Plugin objects with a symbol inside - this symbol makes it possible to have loads of trees of the same style without slowing down the file. Instead of creating individual geometry for each instance, it uses the power of symbols.

I also looked at your origins and your project is nicely placed, close to the internal origin.

I know there are sometimes issues with plants falling down from the site model if you turn off the site model layer, and the engineers are working on this - however, this shouldn't make the file run slow. If this happens, the workaround is to select all the trees and nudge them sideways, and they should be back up on the site model again. Remember, don't put a specified z-value for plants - they automatically adjust to the site model.

Regarding georeferencing, no connection should affect the performance between the trees and the georeferencing itself - below is a file with quite a few trees, existing trees and proposed, on a georeferenced site. I have no problems adding, moving or editing the trees.

Regarding the BIM trees - the only thing I can think of is (if you're using the UK BIM trees) to go into the 2D geometry and remove the photorealistic image of the crown and only use the sketch part of it. Perhaps your graphics card is struggling with that.

It would be good to get to the bottom of this issue. I'm happy to meet up on Zoom and look at your file. Let me know.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.34.59.png

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