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Furniture different cut planes


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Hey everyone


I am trying to create cuts thought bespoke furniture seating, I have created the 3d model, Layer cut plane is set to 1000. I am able to have one viewport look exactly as I want it to, however when I try to have other cuts it does not show properly.




The way I do is by extracting the 2d from the auto-hyprid model and put the 2d graphics on annotations. But this takes a lot of work and especially when I update the 3d model.


Is there a way to view just fills not as shaded or rendered, as it takes longer to update the viewport and it does not look as good as if it is just 2d fill.



here is an example of what I want to replicate 






What I want is a way to control how the cuts look and also control the cut plane height.


hopefully that's clear 😄



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