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Alexandre Villares


Training people to use VectorWorks for some time now, I think that some small things could improve user understanding of it's working logic even without creating any new functionality.

The Organise/Edit Group menu command already changes to 'Edit Symbol' depending on context, so I wish it would show 'Edit Extrude', 'Edit Floor', 'Edit Solid Subtraction', etc. (at least it could change to 'Edit Object')

The 'edit' contextual menu will bring the reshape tool when applied to poligons or polylines, that's great, and I wish the Organise/Edit menu slot would act accordingly.

Last, the 'ungroup' command could become 'unmake' when applied to plug-ins and other high-level objects.

[ 02-09-2002: Message edited by: Alexandre B A Villares ]

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