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How to draw a wall with "insulation lost in formwork"

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I would be glad to get your precious hints on my issue. Since one drawing is better than one thousand words, please find my issue below ūüôā. How would you draw such a wall ? I tried walls features but I have 2 problems with them¬†:¬†

- difficult in the angles 

- somehow refuse to show the hatch I want, always shows the extrusion filling attributes in a hidden line section viewport (so it is always a solid color with no contour 





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There is no way to do it without making two walls.  Stacked/Varying sectional wall components have been requested for at least 10-15 years, and for whatever reason, the technical challenges associated with this much-needed feature have proven too difficult/costly or generally not deemed important enough to implement. Perhaps it is in a future development section of the roadmap.


Even though it is probably the most frequently used VW tool, the Wall Tool is a much-neglected tool that truly needs some love. 


The only way you can do this is to make two stacked walls.  Duplicate the walls in question.  Offset the top of the low wall by the elevation of the shift.  Offset the bottom of the high wall by the same shift elevation.  Then, switch out the wall type.  Class them by Wall High and Wall Low for plan visibility purposes.  Openings that span the break will have to be duplicated. 


If it sounds painful.  It is.  And we've all been there. 

Best of luck. 



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@Tom W. Pretty nice solution, thank you ! I have tested it and it looks much more efficient than these wall features. 


@cberg Thank you for your honest answer. "If it sounds painful.  It is.  And we've all been there. " Somehow, that comforts me, thank you. 




I think I'm going to do a mix of your solutions : I will only split the insulation part as Tom W. suggested it and class it amongst everything that is under the slab and deactivate it in plan. Instead of duplicating the openings, maybe I could just split the wall above them and offset the bottom accordingly.... Need to test this. 


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