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Remind me again why groups need to have a class

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Grouping messy. When you create it you have to make sure to put it in the class of the objects you are grouping... I might put it in the None class too.

When I'm in a hurry I screw it up because it ends up in an unexpected class and it screws up the visibility on viewports.


Can't groups just exist without a class?


I feel like the only function of groups is keeping stuff together and to isolate it when editing it... and I don't think it needs to have a particular class


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I think it's a basic immutable fact that everything in the drawing area needs to be in a class. But a Group can just be in 'None' class, then the visibility of the objects inside will only be affected by their classes, assuming None is kept visible at all times (which is the whole idea of None class).

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Grouping is the only way you can change an object’s layer without messing up its Z height. (Another VW quirk/hack/feature)

While another step, right click the objects before grouping and activate class.  This at least makes the process a little less disruptive to your workflow.

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Being able to choose a Class for a Group is often very convenient. I rarely assign the same Class to the Group as its contents - which can themselves be assigned to multiple Classes.


In addition to this the ability to assign a different Class to a Group can be very useful for controlling visibilities of objects in the Viewport.

as an example - 2 Groups assigned Scenic-a and Scenic-a2 both contain the same objects in different locations and with their own various scenic Class assignments

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26 minutes ago, cberg said:

Grouping is the only way you can change an object’s layer without messing up its Z height.


I didn't know that !!!!!


How offen did I select RVT or IFC import geometry Story by Story and had to move it back minus

delta Stories Height Difference - to bring it into my VW Story/Level system ......


And that does work ?

Can't believe it.


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4 minutes ago, cberg said:

I always thought I learned that tip from you.  


I think that is unlikely (?)

I started to get annoyed with that missing option to move geometry between

layers of different layer height, without moving in world Z, since my start with

VW 2014 already.


At that time there was even a bug that changed Objects Layer assignment to

active Layer when you did some 3D Edits (PPT ?)

But VW left the Objects at former world Z - so you did not notice.

Once you tried to assign them back to their original Layer they did the

unwanted Z jump.


(I only knew that you could bring SLVPs into another file by grouping (in the past))

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