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Script to name symbol instance from attached record format entry


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I wonder if someone can help me find the resources I need to write a script.  My goal is to use a symbol I created as focus points instead of using the focus point tool.  The reason being, is my client wants to have the channels that are pointing at those focus points show up graphically.  So I figured the best way to accomplsih this is creating a custom record format with text linked to each field that needs to show up.

I know you can focus a light to an object by using it's name, so I would love to have all 90 of these instances utilzie the RB Focus Record:Name to fill in the Name for the object.  This will allow me to continue to use the Spotlight numbering tool to update these kind of entries without having to do a seperate layer or class of focus points with the names I need.

Bonus: Somewhere in this file is something named 7 and I CAN NOT FIND IT.  Is there an easy way to search the whole document for something with the name of "7"?  I did a report with object names hoping to find it that way, however no luck. 


Please and thank you!


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