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Structural Steel Tools



I'd like to see the Steel shapes tool include a field in the object info box for length. Basically make this a hybrid 2-D 3-D object with the ability to assign material attributes.

Also related, it would be great to have a bar joist tool. These are tedious to draw in section and elevation and like steel shapes they are of relatively standard sizes. A tool that worked like the steel shape tool to draw steel bar joists would be a huge help. If it had the functionality of the bolt tools to specify section or elevation and had 2-D / 3-D hybred components where you could choose the length in the Object Info Palette would be even better.


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I second the structural steel tools with 2d/3d support - this would be great. Or better yet, extend it to be able to draw structural shapes as easy as any line - select two points and the shape is automatically drawn between, then a pop up allowing you to specify the member orientation. Of course copy, offset, trim, etc can be applied as well.

Joists would be good, as would cold formed shapes and metal deck.

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