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text rotation and export to AutoCAD


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I am currently using Spotlight beta 9.5. I use the mirror tool to speed up the process of my designs to place instruments, especially when my plot is symetrical. This works great and really cuts out a great deal of time in the process as long as I am staying in the Vectorwrok platform. I am running into issues exporting plots to DXF/DWG with the text not adjusting its rotation. frown.gif" border="0 The export is not carrying the text rotation into the DXF/DWG format. Any thoughts?

This and other issues experienced have got me thinking that Spotlight is not all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, the process of kicking out lighting designs is taking longer and more problematic. The whole reason I jumped onto the the MiniCAD/Vectorworks platform was because of its "one stop shop" to light plots/renderings and paperwork and its accesibility. The software's design process and its efficiency seems to be reverting in the wrong direction. More and more I am working with others that have jumped to the AutoCAD platform. I am starting to feel the same. The process of designing a complete plot, renders, and paperwork now takes way too long.

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As I was drafting a plot tonight, I drafted SL then <duplicated> and <flipped horizontal> to get the reverse and repeat. I noticed that the rotations on all of the units were wrong. Even though the unit was facing US, the object info box said that it was at -180 degrees. This might be part of the problem you are facing.

Thomas Hague

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I just ran into this flipped text problem on export problem on a plot last night. I searched the boards here and couldn't find a solution/work-around/response. Is there any answer to this problem other than never using the mirror command?

thanks, -haich

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1) Why are you using Beta 9.5? If you are lic. user SL is up to 9.5.2 and you can get the newer versions from their web page. Beta is way old. That may be part of your problem??

2) Why are you exporting to DFX? You can do the whole plot design process and plot out inside of VW without going outside of VW SL to do anything.

If it is because you are sending the plot to someone who does not have VW SL you can email them the VW viewer(downloadable from the NemCH web page) that allows them to open the plot, print it out, as well as export to LW to create the paperwork. Auto-Cad doesn't offer that as far as I know!

3) Unless i haven't, heard you need to get third party programs to do lighitng in Auto-CAD.Which means a bigger invertment!! I prefer to work with a one party program, and you will find the VW is VERY committed to making SP a good program. You will hear from them on the problem and if it is a bug they will work on it. Auto-Cad wouldn't give you the time of day with your problem.


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1) The user in the first msg. who posted that he was using spotlight 9.5 Beta posted his message in Oct. 2001, back when it was still in beta. I would think he has probably upgraded by now, but I assure you the issue we are talking about still exists in 9.5.2.

2) There are plenty of reasons to export all or part of a plot to DWG or DXF. For example, when I draw a plot in VW, I often export the plot to DWG so that the other members of the design team (sound, video, scenic, technical director et cetera) are able to include a layer of the lighting in their drawings if they are using AutoCad or other DWG/DXF compatible programs.

3) VW is a very good program and NNA has been very responsive to my needs. AutoCad is ALSO a very good program, & AutoDesk has ALSO been very responsive to my needs. The fact remains that both programs have an installed base & that both must not only co-exist, but interact. While I agree that Spotlight is a great stand-alone product, there are plenty of situations where it can't be used that way.


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