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THE Wish List


1. "Up one folder" button should be implemented where possible (eg. Resource palette) - although this is trivial, it is important and less irrative.

2. Right mouse click on any button as a shortcut to customise buttons (workspace editor.)

3. Simpler way to create new buttons:- simple example would be if we had to create a new button for the "open" or "undo" and even print button commands. We should not be able to do this within just "code" or "rocket scientist language". I understand it can be done to a small extent using vector script ( in script palettes) but in the windows interface buttons work better. This is one aspect of AutoCAD that is better.

4. With the zoom in tool selected and then by right mouse clicking one should be able to zoom out (similar to pressing the magnifying glass with the (-) sign).

5. We should be able to change class and layer visibility " in the fly" (similar to AutoCAD) without actually going into the respective dialogue boxes.

6. Real-time pan and zoom. This feature was included in a beta version of v8.5 but never worked. It was dropped since then.

7. Ability to give Nurbs curves infill colours (fill styles)

8. Change ctrl +alt + key back to vw8 ctrl + shift + key.

9. Ability to open an infinite number of documents without any sacrifice to system performance (similar to AutoCAD 2000).

10. QuickTime VR export . I expected this feature in V9.

11. AutoCAD DWF export and import if possible.

12. When importing textures (using Resources Palette) one should be able to see preview of textures.

13. RenderWorks should support third party hardware acceleration.

14. "Select All" button in the "Purge" dialogue box.

15. Movie command should be re-engineered and a spline path should be implemented instead.

16. 3D text and ability to stretch (distort) text refer to TurboCAD's extensive text features.

17. Preview of drawings in "open" dialogue box.

18. Parametric constraints for 3D objects.

19. Ability to open 2 or more session of VectorWorks because while one session is rendering one can open another session to work on another project.

20. Just as an observation, all Windows applications splash screen appear before the application window appears and not the other way round. (A more windows feel.)

21. The long, extremely long, pause between the "geometry" process and "render" process using the "mapped" shadows method should be eliminated. There is no such pause when using "Ray trace" shadows.

22. "Multiple extrude along path" would be a nice

Although some of my suggestions seem to put down the Mac interface and VectorWorks in general, it's actually meant to improve the Windows version. Although the Mac interface works for the Mac users, the Windows users would like to see a more native Windows feel eg: the Windows Explorer tree structure should be implemented where possible (eg: object browser, resource palette, etc) the Mac interface should not be "forced" onto Windows users.

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Thanks for the feedback, Shaun. I have passed your list along to those who are working on determining viability of some of these features already.

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