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Crown Molding Profile Symbol?

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2 hours ago, Bruce Kieffer said:

Is there a way to create a symbol from a profile shape, use that to make different lengths of crown molding, and then down the road modify the symbol profile which in turn will update all the extrusions created with the symbol profile?


You can do this using a styled Structural Member, by editing the style + changing the Custom Shape symbol it's using.


You can also do it with Framing Members by editing the profile symbol the Framing Member instances are using.

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On 8/18/2023 at 10:27 PM, Kevin Allen said:

no. pity though

@Kevin Allen, @Bruce Kieffer

Mouldings plugins objects automatically import a symbol of the profile shape and use it for their purposes.

When you choose the profile shape from the library browser (or from a .cpf file you have previously saved), the profile shape's symbol is imported in the drawing.

You can edit the (local) profile symbol and all the PIOs (using that shape in the drawing) are automatically updated.

Of course, the shape in the library is not touched at all. If you want to get back to the library shape, just delete the symbol from the drawing and choose it again from the library browser.

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