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2024 - UI Modernization


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... ok... I don't want to be a party pooper but... doesn't I t look a bit too much like Revit or AutoCAD or - even creepier- Microsoft Word?!?!🫣🫣🫣


not a great fan of this new look for now... I hope to be proved wrong though... looking foirward, cause I know that it will be a great step ahead anyway.

Thanks to you all 🙂


Cheers and Ciao(s)



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54 minutes ago, Pieter-Jan Vermeire said:

Looks fantastic! I just have one question: will you now be able to add a shortcut to "show other objects while in edit modes". 


The Quick Pref is still there



but do you mean a keyboard shortcut? To do this you can use a script + make a menu command then give it a keyboard shortcut.

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5 minutes ago, matteoluigi said:

which vectorscript command does toggle the "show other objects mode" on/off? 🙂 


I believe this is it:

SetPref(14, not GetPref(14));


I just use the Quick Pref myself but I do toggle Gray Other Objects using this script assigned to a keyboard shortcut which is REALLY useful as it's a real pain going into the settings to change that:

SetPref(1055, NOT GetPref(1055));



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Setpref(49, false) will set preference 49 to false.


Setpref(49, true) will set preference 49 to true.


Setpref(49, not getpref(49)) will set preference 49 to whatever it is currently not I.e. the opposite of true or the opposite of false.


I think! We need someone who knows what they're talking about I'm just guessing!




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