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Ron Kenyeri

Codewarrior & VW 10.5.1

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Had to reinstall everything this weekend my HD died. Once I got MacOS X 10.3 installed I installed VW 10 and got it upgraded to 10.5.1. So, all is well to this point.

Next I installed CW 7 and following the readme, in installed the upgrade for 7.1 then 7.2, then I build the libraries, and then I added the carbonlib. All went ok, no errors, I've done this before.

Then I go to build the VW libs so I can go back to work and I get the following error from CW 7.2:

"Project "MasterCLibs.mcp" needs to be converted. Some target settings are in a newer, incompatible format. They will be initialized to the factory settings."

Well I have never seen that before, but I clicked ok and tried it. As you may have guessed it did not work. When I compiled it I got the error:

"Link Error : undefined 'main' (code)

Referenced from '__start' in MSL_Runtime_PPC.Lib"

So what did I do wrong? I upgraded to Mac 10.3 when I replaced the drive, and I also upgraded to VW 10.5.1. Are one of these components incompatable with the SDK?

My current (and working) system was Mac 10.2 and VW 10.1.3, note before I had a full version of Mac 9.2 on my machine before now I do not.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ron Kenyeri

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Are you using the lastest SDK for 10.5?

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Installing the CORRECT SDK seems to solve my problems why did I not thing of that......

Thanks for pointing the obvious, sometimes its just to easy to get lost in the details.



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