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Screen recording Vectorworks

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20 hours ago, Cadplan Architecture said:

Ok , here goes with another query! It's great to use the Flyover key to spin 3D models around in shaded mode but is there a way to capture that easily to make short videos? I'm Mac based and have tried Quicktime Movie but struggle to get on with it so I'm looking for something more intuitive.


I know you said you have tried to use Quicktime, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it.

I encourage you to give it another shot before buying something if you only need basic recording of screen and/or audio.


The fastest way to initiate the screen recording and options is Command + Shift + 5.  You can also access it by opening Quicktime Player, File \ New Screen Recording.


Hit the options button and configure to suit, here's how I use it:

Save to:

I save all my screenshots and screen recordings to a folder on the desktop specifically for that purpose.

You can do the same by hitting the "other location" menu option and choosing a place to save.

I made some unobtrusive transparent icons for commonly used temporary folders and stuck them in the lower right of my screen.

The yellow text was added for the purpose of this illustration, normally you just see the icons.




I just started using the 10 second option.

This is a handy way to get yourself ready for audio recording.

Hit record, take a deep breath and Go!


Set it to none, or if you want to record audio of your screen recording, pick the appropriate attached microphone.

AirPods or a dedicated mic work much better than built in.


Show Floating Thumbnail just refers to when you are done recording or taking a screen shot... a little thumbnail briefly appears in the lower right of the screen.  I like it because it gives me confirmation that I took the screen shot when I'm doing a bunch of them.  No need to go check the folder thanks to the thumbnail.

Remember Last Selection should be self explanatory.

Show Mouse Clicks is pretty handy when you are trying to demonstrate how to do something on screen, not so useful when rotating a model 🙂


3 hours ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:

Depending of age of Mac.

I just use Shift-Command-(the number) 5.  ... Won't do voice.   Then into IMovie for voice overlay. 


Actually that is incorrect, see above.



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@Cadplan Architecture


I should get a commission for selling the built in Quicktime screen recording 🙂

I just recorded this using the techniques described earlier.  I was using my AirPods.

You don't even have to go into iMovie to trim the clip or reduce the file size, these are features built into Quicktime.


The best part of using this technique of saved views is you can easily go back to a view when someone asks a question.  I had to do this a lot during the Covid days of Teams/Zoom presentations.  Saved views made things easy.  It's slicker when you have two screens and can do your Vectorworks controls from the second screen and just present a clean view of the model with no distractions.  Bonus: you don't have to "educate" Revit people on what software you are using.





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