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Layers and Classes



A really good description on the philosophy behind classes and layers. How to use classes and why you have organized the program this way. A description on what should be a class and why it is different. Your description in "Architect" has helped, but I still can figure out what it really does for me. Since I do not do architectural work and will not use assistant I am just not using classes at all. I think that I am really missing out on something good, but I don't know what it is. I can't get by what classes "does" (not is) for you. Your description in the manual is leaving something unclear for me. I may be the only one missing the point, but this is the hardest concept in all my software for me to completely understand.


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If you are an AutoCAD user, one way to think of it is this: layers in VW are used to organize multiple drawings from a single file - something you do with Paperspace in ACAD. Classes are used in order to do what AutoCAD does with layers: to classify and organize the drawing components. In strictly pragmatic terms, since you can save a "sheet" or "view" using both systems, classes augment the ability to refine what you see on the screen. They allow you to exclude from view certain items in a visible layer. Classes "cross" layers, allowing you to craft custom selection routines to modify things en masse that exist on different layers. You can also modify the attributes of things using classes - like if you want to change the lineweights on all your circuit diagram lines, if you happened to assign a class to those things, you can just go into the class menu and edit that class. Again, this is one of the things you do with layers in ACAD.

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