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M1 Mac - VW causing brightness controls to not respond?


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Hi there everyone. 

So I have been had a repeated behaviour that has now repeated across 2 machines - and I am starting to think it's caused by VW, and I want to know if anyone else has had similar behaviour. 


After extend use of my M1 Mac (repeated behaviour on a MacBook Pro and an Air) the brightness keys on the keyboard will stop adjusting the brightness of the screen. The buttons appear to still work as the screen image with the 'progress' bar appears, but the screen brightness doesn't change. The brightness can still be changed from Control Panel. 


I am checking this behaviour against the few other patching third party programs I have installed on both machines, but so far it appears it's a VW issue. 


Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


I am using VW 22. 

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Same here, Mac Studio + Studio Display. If Vectorworks is left as the current desktop of Spaces and the screen saver activates, the monitor will (often) go to full brightness and the brightness keys will stop working. 


I did contact Apple soon after purchase in 2022, but they had no other reports and I soon worked out the bug only occurred with Vectorworks.


Most of the time you can just switch spaces and the brightness keys will start working again, occasionally not, at which point I just close and reopen Vectorworks. And if you can remember, switching away from your Vectorworks desktop before leaving your computer for any length of time will prevent the bug happening. HTH

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