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What is your understanding of an IfcSystem?

What is your understanding of an IfcSystem  

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  1. 1. What is your understanding of an IfcSystem?

    • I do not know what an IfcSystem is.
    • An ifcSystem includes only building services, i.e. MEP like HVAC, Piping Systems, Hot and Cold Water
    • An IfcSystem includes any building element that can be grouped according to a common function, e.g. Doors, WCs, Fire-Stopping, Curtain Walls..., i.e. anything that is listed in the 'Ss' table in Uniclass 2015.

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 @shorter , quick question, is uniclassformat linked to a specification system in europe? Much akin to masterformat in america? The reason I ask is because omnivlass table 22 (or 23 ) is basically the copy of the masterformat system translated into BIM. Fun fact, all tables included were also originally created by csi including masterfomat                  

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@Samuel Derenboim


We have yet to be asked to use 'Uniformat' on any project in the EU and UK.  We have been asked to use it on projects in other part of the world, outside of the US, e.g. Riyadh.


UK is firmly aligned to Uniclass 2015 now, and this is definitely linked to the specification system used by the NBS who ostensibly created Uniclass in the first place, but typically, uniclass is not like uniformat although shares some similarities.

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