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Cloud Publishing - Does not Render anything

S. Schmidt


I've been fighting it all day trying to get some use out of this service. Last time I used it some months ago it was a mess, but at least after multiple tries I could occasionally get it to render a complicated final renderworks image. Now it will only "render" whatever was currently last in my file, making it pointless. 


Here is a screenshot of my current viewport to illustrate. I started a render and then stopped it. I uploaded to cloud sharing. I asked the cloud to render this viewport and what it spat out is on the left.  If I don't start the render cloud will "render" the preview not the settings I have saved. 


The last time I posted about cloud publishing issues I got almost no responses and nothing helpful.


Is this even a feature that anyone is actually using? If so....HOW? 


Edit: And Yes my company is a service select member. 


Screenshot 2023-07-30 193523.png

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Circling back to this,

Thank you for attempting to help.


I have that setting on. 

I am still experiencing the problems where it just generates whatever the last update of the viewport was.

Sometimes if I change the render settings to hidden line and update it, then Change them back to final quality and run again I can force it to take. But not always.


If I try to publish as an image instead of PDF then it won't update no matter what I do.


Generally speaking each render attempt takes a quite a while so it's also a highly tedious issue to troubleshoot. 



Screenshot 2023-09-10 153040.png

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