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Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB

Beta Tester?



As an Architect, a two & 1/2 year rookie with VectorWorks (for that matter-any CAD program!), & now it seems a Beta tester (not by choice!) for VW, I have been very discouraged with VW 9, VA 9 & RW 9 & now the 9.0.1 upgrade to all three. It seems as if very few of the problems that I experienced in 9 were actually fixed in 9.0.1. I must admit that I was looking forward to 9 & the patch in 9.0.1. I am the only one in my Alaska VectorWorks User Group that has taken the plunge into the 9 series-the others have tried it & become too disillusioned. They are waiting for a true upgrade & patch,i.e., 9.1 -9.5-I should have waited, but it is too late.

I have a list below of some of the bugs I have seen & some of my wish list-I will send this to all the appropriate sections on the site. I hope that this assists NNA in getting to the root of these problems. If anyone has known fixes or work arounds, let me know.


1. Main window does not hold shape & size after closing VW. Note that the palettes on my dual monitor system do retain their size and location

2. Dimensions cause VW to freeze when using in the ?Unshaded Polygon? rendering mode. When trying to dimension an elevation for example, I pull the dimension, release & VW freezes. All I can then do is move the cross hairs around-that?s all. I have to force quit & lose work. Needless to say, I don?t use this rendering mode anymore.

3. Stretching &/or reducing walls has very strange results-lines across screen up & down. I?ve been told this is a known bug. It creates some very strange results!

4. RenderWorks still has the same note when trying to render-?One or more operations aborted...etc., etc.? This is very problematic-all I am able to render is in hidden line without getting errors or freezes.

5. Can?t nudge object selected-have to deselect & then can nudge the object. New nudge requirements require two hands to operate instead of one as in VW8.

6. Printing on an Epson 1520 printer @ 300dpi w/Unshaded Polygon takes a very long time, i.e., 1/2 hour.

7. Paste-In-Place with Command-Shift-V does not work. Have to use Edit Menu for Paste-In-Place.

8. When using plug-in wood object-can?t set size in pop up menu. Reverts to other size.

9. When pulling lines or walls & hitting the shift key, it says ?angle? instead of vertical or horizontal when holding shift key.

10. When inserting plug-in object it takes about 5 seconds to appear. Same with duplicating objects.

11. Saving a file can take over a minute or longer or 5 seconds-it is very inconsistent. Changing to a

simpler saved sheet, i.e., on with less detail seems to speed up the process. Very unusual, since it is not just saving the saved sheet, but the entire file.

12. Changing from sheet to sheet takes much too long-5 seconds!

13. Changing from layer to layer within a file takes much too long-5 seconds, as well.

14. When linking to a model sheet, sometimes objects remain even after changes or deletions to linked sheets. What I have to do is remove layer link layer & redo layer link. That will usually get rid of the ghost object.

15. Grouping objects-takes too long-clock is spinning.

16. Undos taking much too long-clock is spinning.

17. New trim tool works sometimes & sometimes it does not. We need the old trim tool back as well. I like the new tool-when it works.

18. There are more bugs I?m sure. I will add them at a future date as the become apparent.

Wish List:

1. Truss layout tool. If my local building suppliers have it-why can?t VW incorporate it?

2. Duplicating doors or windows in walls-it is a pain because it duplicates the entire wall. Need to be able to duplicate doors or windows without duplicating entire wall. I realize they become a grouped object, i.e., the wall & doors & windows, it still would be nice to be able to do this.

3. When editing layers-it would be nice to be able to have the window scroll down automatically when you move a layer up or down.

4. Print sheets is a good new feature, but it could use improvement, i.e., not having to hit ?Print? for each sheet. Instead, it should automatically print all the sheets that were selected.

5. Need a modifiable round window and/or vent plug-in object.

6. And of course, all the items as noted above.

7. There are more issues I?m sure, I will add them later.

I will keep using 9.0.1 and hope that these Bugs and Wishes will be addressed as soon as possible.

Sam Combs, AIA, NCARB, Architect

Combs & Combs, AIA

Mac G4 500 mhz dual processor

Mac OS 9.1

Dual monitors with Voodoo 5 Video Card (I have been told this card may have a few problems)

1 gb RAM-750,000 allocated to VW

New Email: samcombs@gci.net

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Instead of duplicating door & windows, have you tried "create symbol". Then you only need to do the creating once & can use that symbol in all of your drawings. Symbols also require less memory than individual plug-in objects. As for your other requests, I agree, and am still waiting for the real fix to many small problems.

Peter Cipes AIBD

G4 450DP / HP DJ230

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