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Inconsistent texture selection of Get Texture node

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The texture selected in the Get Texture node changes from time to time without user input. I believe it is related to the creation, deletion, and renaming of other textures, but this issue does not always show up regularly. Sometimes the selected texture of one node will always change to the newest created texture while other Get Texture nodes will not be affected at all. Sometimes the selected texture arbitrarily changes to something seemingly random or perhaps to a texture whose name is alphabetically next to the one that I originally selected.


As you can imagine, this behavior is problematic when creating a wrapper or Marionette Object because the results shift from what is intended. And the fix is to go through and manually reset the selected texture in the Get Texture node, only for the texture to change arbitrarily in the future.


Has anyone else encountered this? Any fixes?


I have resorted to a modified Get Texture node that takes the name of the texture as a string input, but this is much less convenient.


My main use case is a Marionette Object with some custom nodes that recreates a specified symbol but replaces selected textures with other selected textures. So it is kind of like being able to create multiple instances of the same symbol but apply different finishes to them. I work as an exhibit designer and in my models I constantly need many physical structures that are the same except with different paint colors or different graphics / signage applied to them. So I set up a symbol with placeholder textures and then create multiple copies of it with the custom Marionette Object that replaces the textures of each instance. Randomly changing textures from the Get Texture node throw a big wrench in this setup.


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