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Ability to concatenate multiple values in worksheets, just like we can in Graphic Legends



In Graphic Legends, whenever I summarize objects I can set a Dynamic Text to show Multiple Values:



So, for instance, in a Light Fixtures Graphic Legend where I have the same fixture in different rooms, and I have a record field in my symbol like this: "LightFixtureRoom" I can show them like this in my Graphic Legend. "Bedroom A |  Bedroom B | Dining". Works smoothly.

Wish list: Achieve the same result when summarizing items in my worksheet. By default, when I summarize and there are different values, I get "---" as result.



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In worksheets you can use =getspacenameforobj


This will return all room names in the worksheets that your light fixture is located in.


I used to do the same thing before i discovered these functions. Note - it will use your databade query to populate the space names.


There are alot of functions in vw. If you want to learn more about more functions - go to the insert menu in the worksheet and click insert function...there will be a useful (looong) list of functions on how to use them

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