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VW23 - Section Viewport Update Crashing





Since release of 2023 version we are experiencing issue with updating some section (horizontal) viewports in HL render mode in different files.


What happens is that when update of viewport is initiated after short time updating process crash in the middle leaving viewport rendered only partially (cut plane part is fully rendered but anything below cut plane appears as pixelated bitmap graphic (see attachment)


- when viewport is moved to other sheet layer this will fix issue, however bringing back viewport on initial sheet layer will bring issue again

- creating horizontal section viewport anew (same story) wont fix issue


Any thoughts what might cause this issue and how to fix it?


Thank you!




Snímka obrazovky 2023-07-19 o 17.46.48.png

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While I don't know the cause, you did mention that you can copy the affected viewport to a clean sheet and it performs as expected.

That is a reasonable approach if it is a corrupted sheet. But before trying to remove corruption from a file ensure you work with a copy of the file until you are satisfied with the result, then the original can be overwritten.


Copy the problematic viewports first; confirm that they display correctly. Now copy in the reference viewports if they were on the same page. Create a new reference tag in the copied VPs using the button in the OIP. You will need to know the new reference VP name when doing so. If everything resolves itself you should be good at that point to delete the original VPs and the sheet. Rename the new sheet and good to go??


Sorry I cannot speak to moving title blocks as we use our own and not the VWs generated product.

I hope that though process is of some minor help.

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