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Landscape rocks resource manager

Chris W


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1 hour ago, Chris W said:

Im using Vectorworks Landmark 2023 and for some reason cannot find landscape rocks/boulders in vectorworks library.

Is anyone else having this problem?

No.  Check your search settings.


Are you looking in the right library?  Do you have something specified like “textures” in the search criteria?

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Most of the CAD boulders I see are kind of big lumps, balls of dough. We see those here, too, but many rocks in local landscapes are chunks broken from bigger chunks -little facets within or poking out of bigger facets, projecting edges, spalled ledges, etc. I suppose one could make a “swiss army” irregular mesh to push repeatedly into the dough balls and modify via Subtract Solids. But then vertex heavy objects. Sigh. Or maybe there are some good, efficient ones out there?




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15 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

@Benson Shaw you call that a boulder?  Here’s a boulder 😉



I used to model my own boulders, now I just scan them with my phone, which is outstanding.  You can then compose the placement of these beasts before moving them onto the site, which is helpful when they are very large.




Impressive modelling Jeff, is that an app that works on Android as well? 

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Continuing on the CINEMA 4D process.  I use them as a single program taking whatever I need from each.


The cave image below was started in C4D using the Terrain modeller.  

Then it was imported into Vectorworks where the cave was formed using Loft NURBS and then Subtract solids.

Back in C4D where the mesh was given a "point variation" to created the facets, etc.  



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A reminder:

once a 'family' of boulders are developed, make each boulder style a 'plant' and take advantage of placing using the plant tools (single, in a row, random) and then variety using the OIP (random rotation, sizing etc) once placed,  then counting and other data in a 'plant list' worksheet 

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It would be good if somebody would share a file or two of some better boulders.  Something "broken up" would be awesome.  Or something scanned / modeled from real life.  If I had had the time, I would have scanned the rocks below... 


VW Resource Library Boulder 11 and 9, for example, have modeling/mesh problems that probably should be fixed.  The remainder look lumpy and somewhat peculiar to my eyes.  I am not a landscape designer, so I will defer to the experts on this one. 




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1 hour ago, cberg said:

t would be good if somebody would share a file or two of some better boulders

Below is an image of some rocks in VW.  I am not an architect, landscape designer, etc.  If these would be helpful, I can upload the files.  This single file is very large so I would break it up into smaller sections.



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