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Eurotruss ST truss library

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While making company library of Eurotruss ST series truss I noticed that on Truss Symbol Data, Cross Section Data for ST on Vectorworks Libraries has Height and Width listed as 500mm x 500mm. This is correct on main beams but end connectors are 510mm x 510mm. This makes it so that magnet snap point is not at the center of truss profile but 5mm offset at Z-axis (Cornerblock Top3D and Bottom3D on X-axis).  Technical Specs from manufacturer says size as 510mm https://www.eurotruss.com/product/st-square-truss .



This makes it easy to achieve misalignment of 10mm between different pieces.


In above screenshots I have used stock library symbols.


Is this working as designed?


If I correct this by Customizing Truss Data Cross Section using custom cross section height and width as 510mm does this affect Braceworks calculations somehow?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The ST truss is set up so that the bottom tube geometry is aligned with 0 on the symbols internal Z axis, with the connectors sitting at -5mm.

This ensures that the tubes are at the correct trim height.

To fix your symbols move the truss geometry down inside the symbol to align the bottom tubes with 0 on the Z axis,


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Thanks Jesse! Solid advice. I can understand alignment on main tubes.


Couple notes thou.

  • Premium Library is aligned like this. VW Library is aligned so that connectors are sitting at 0mm
  • Eurotruss ST-BLK has Z-height on 3D component 510,94mm (this is not big deal, I just noticed this when checking things). I think height should be 510mm. I think error comes from manufacturer CAD file. Their older version of same product file has height of 510mm. 
  • Similar construction trusses at least from Prolyte (S36, S52) is aligned to zero on connector. We need consistency on similar objects.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Normally if anything is in the premium library it shuld be the most up to date version of the content. That being said both should be consistant.


I'll pass the feedback onto the content team,

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This issue has been resolved. The ST series of truss has all pieces dropped so that the tube is at Z=0 so that the magnet will align with the center of the truss and the cross section that is provided. The corner has also been redrawn to be 510x510x510mm so that there are no rounding errors. We have asked the truss manufacturers about some of the inconsistencies we have spotted over the years with real world vs. their models and have been told my most that the manufacturing tolerances are +-5mm from spec so that can explain why some models have strange rounding errors. 


The corrected ST library will not be available publicly until the release of Vectorworks 2024 when it is released as part of the package content for that version.

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