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good evening everyone I can't use the two-way bridles I feel better in the leg with the adjustment spots the engine point does not move the adjustment of the chain I would like to use 2 m chians with 7 cm rings I am certainly wrong with some settings do you have any advice thank you

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently there are no 2m chains or 7cm rings in the stock bridle parts library that the bridle tool uses to configure the steel for a bridle.

You can add new parts to your own custom bridle parts library with slings and other objects by opening the Stock Bridle.vwx library file.

Its located in your application folder>Libraries>Defaults>Stock Bridle Material

and can be edited like any other library file.
Bridle parts should be stored in the file resources and have to have the BridleItemRecord attached to them to be classed as bridle parts

The record defines the parts behavior with the bridle tool and object.
the easiest option is to duplicate an existing part and edit it to create the new part.

Once you have added the new parts save the file back into the same location, make sure to create a back up of it as well as it will likely get overwritten if there is a update to the default libraries.

open a new empty file,

open the bridle parts manager and hit the update button to import the new parts into Spotlight.

You should then have access the newly created bridle parts


Let me know if you have any more questions


here's the link to the help page

https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/Hoists/Managing bridle_parts.htm?rhhlterm=bridle bridles parts part&rhsearch=bridle parts


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is a long standing known issue with the 3D representation of bridles.
its a purely visual issue that doesn't affect the bridle parts calculation or configuration, only how the part symbols are used to draw the bridle when the simplified view of the bridle is turned off in the properties

Its caused by a combination of 2 issues

  • Bridle parts are basic symbols not parametric objects, this mean the bridle tool can't adjust the parts geometry to display things like wrapping around a beam or adjust a chain to show only the correct number of links being used.
  • the second issues leads on the from the first, the bridle tool doesn't compensate visually for the bridle basket dimensions and draws the parts from the rigging point down to the apex, which results in a visual errors when the bridle parts are  are correctly configured in the bridle configuration dialogue. Either the part overlap at the apex or there is a gap

The limitations of this 3D view mode is why the bridle assmebly diagrams where created, these provide a far clearer and more accurate representaion of how the bridle should be assembled, including the length that each chain must be adjusted to to correctly configure the bridle.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

it does both, the 'leg length x' fields are the length the bridle tool calculates as the ideal leg lengths based on how the bridle is drawn and the 'Part length leg x' fields are the actual length of the legs based on the bridle configuration.

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2 hours ago, Stefan B. said:

s it possible to have the "Stock Bridle.vwx" file in workgroup libraries? I just did a test and it did not work on first try.

My understanding on how VW Workgroup folders/files ("Default Content") work is that if you have a file with the exact same name it will use the version that is "closest" to the user.  So User Folder > Workgroup Folder > Application Folder.


If you want to use the version in the Workgroup folder preferentially, then you have to remove or rename the version in the User Folder.



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On 5/31/2024 at 5:00 PM, jcogdell said:

it does both, the 'leg length x' fields are the length the bridle tool calculates as the ideal leg lengths based on how the bridle is drawn and the 'Part length leg x' fields are the actual length of the legs based on the bridle configuration.

I did a test(accidental) on Friday before your reply. And Braceworks does not change its results based on the parts used in the bridle.




image.png.0e801fbe05a27c2d73ae0b25c46d138f.png image.png.d52ae21a0ed02cfdf17a636b2a541d46.png



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