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workflow for keeping important notes and drawings in VW document

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I import important notes and consultant drawing imports (usually PDFs) into the VW file (reference info) to easily review and have a record of this info as part of the file rather than having this info outside the VW file.  The info can be comments, reference info, text or images - 

Do others manage this info within the VW file and if so where to put it - a drawing layer ?  this info can be removed when it is obsolete 

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I see advantages with including everything in vwx. But I don't usually work this way because the vwx files get too cluttered and balky. I keep a project folder (MacOS) with sub folders for each phase. The sub folders have all the current vwx, notes, pdf, image, etc. This is from habit and I can easily navigate. But, I’m sole proprietor, so understand this workflow could be big problem if several or many teammates. 


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Interesting question because I have been considering storing more "notes" type info within the VW file.


Typical use case scenario for me would be for example wall or roof buildups. These tend to evolve through a project, starting off as notional and ending up as fully specified.


I tend to have sets of written notes early in the process, separate from the VW file. These might list various options for a buildup along with rough U-values. Maybe some notes on specific products and where I found them/who I spoke to about them. They don't go in the drawing file because at that stage I won't necessarily have set up the sheets that will eventually contain this information for pricing/construction purposes.


Then at some point, some of this information does move into the drawing file, because I start setting out those sheets, and some of the info moves into the notes database and lives in callouts on those drawing sheets.


It's the intermediate stage where the information has evolved into some level of detail, but is not yet finalised or fully decided, where I'm not sure where it should live. It tends currently to exist in two places in parallel, which is not ideal, because it's easy to lose track of which is the up to date version. Especially on projects which progress in fits and starts, where I might return to things after a pause of days/weeks/months.


That's a long winded way of saying I'd also be interested to hear others' workflows.


My concerns would include some about making files overly large. Especially if I were to start using it as a way of storing visual references. Or, even just product datasheets in PDF form, etc.

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5 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

The sub folders have all the current vwx, notes, pdf, image, etc.


I'm always on the lookout for a decent application that lets me store all this (diverse forms of information) in one place. Like a sort of virtual pinboard if you like, because hopping between multiple folders (which is what I use too) can get tedious. I have found a few that are potentially ok, but end up nervous to use them because they use proprietary file formats so I get worried that I'll lose everything if the app stops being maintained, or if I want to retrieve info in the future.

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I think it’s pretty normal to have supporting information inside a VWX document if it helps the drawing/modeling process.  However, I view this as “working” information that can be destroyed or lost at any moment.  If it needs to survive for the duration of the project or beyond, it goes in my project management folder.  Meeting notes, sketches, client decisions, revisions, city comments, etc. all have a use inside VWX, but in my world… it needs to be saved and organized outside VWX for practical and sometimes legal/liability reasons.


If it’s a drawing from an external team member, I usually put them on their own sheet layer if they will be part of my set, if just for reference, then a design layer.


if it’s my notes pertaining to the design over time, I usually put them on a dedicated class on the sheet where they are relevant.


I tried a few “whiteboard” programs such as Miro and Freeform, but like @line-weight said, I have concerns if they were to go away.  They are excellent for collaboration on large teams, especially when used with Teams or Zoom.  But if it’s just me and I need a whiteboard for a project, I just use a separate VWX design layers virtual whiteboard, or more typically Post Its and pinned up drawings on a real wall 🙂

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Thank you All

While the drawings are evolving, I have text gathered from emails, my own notations such as things to consider down the road or websites for products (light fixtures, drainage products, new plants), screen shots and PDFs from other consultants, and managing them changes over time is key so the act of accessing the info is achallenge.  

I do not like using outside apps to collect this info and then scroll between apps - 

I have not considered a sheet layer and will give it a try - title the sheet 0 or ????? 

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I am adding this link https://macmost.com/linking-to-notes-and-documents-on-your-mac.html

I regularly watch macmost.com on YouTube for tips and it appears I can hold notes and other images in a Notes file and then link to it in VW 

I will try this and report back


In the meantime I wanted to share Macmost as I find the advice there very straightforward and useful -


Sorry, a MAC centric post here 

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