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Strange Motor Weight Results...

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I have a hoist attached to a House Rigging Point that picks up a truss. I have set the total weight of the hoist to 30.5KG and the chain weight to 0KG, as the Company leasing it says that that is the total weight of the hoist and the chain. I don't know how to tell a VW hoist how much spare chain is in the basket after the height of the truss is set. So I just set it to a total of 30.5KG. That may well be a stupid thing to do?


Anyway, looking at the High Hook Height, it says 75.61KG. The Low Hook Weight is 26.20KG, which is the weight of the Truss at that point. So shouldn't the High Hook Weight be 26.20KG plus 30.5KG? (56.7KG) How is it getting 75.61KG? 


I'm a Lighting Console guy really, so someone might know the answer straight away. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.


I've attached an image of my Object Info Pallette to show what I mean.



Braceworks Forum Question.png

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23 hours ago, Scott C. Parker said:

Set the safety to Usability for a 1-to-1 math result whenever you're playing with the math.
hth, Scott


Thanks Scott. I had it set to Eurocode Dynamic on the advice of our rigging guy. I'll keep it in mind that it's giving me a margin when I do calculations. Thanks a lot for responding.

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