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Trim please

Heather Carey


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Have you checked out the Split Tool? It seems like it does essentially what 'Command T' does with a line. It would be the same as 'Command T' if you could split or cut with objects other than lines. Seems like combining the split & trim tools into one tool with different modes would be a little more streamlined.


Terry Ackerman

TMA Fine Home Design

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I've tried out the new split tool and don't like it as much as command T. One of the useful aspects of command T was you easily could position the "cutting line" exactly where you want it before cutting. Split doesn't have the same accuracy.

Also, if you miss the split start, you can end up splitting a wall longitudinally. Who needs that?

Catherine Chang

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The split tool is too indiscriminate. With Cmd-T you can prepick all of the items you want to trim. Split will cut all of the lines you cross. Split might force you to be more careful, but it's tedious and Cmd-T is faster.

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