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Control geometry node - how to read real position of an object

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Hi all,

I've tried to create a network that distributes symbols along path, but at the same time it also places them on the DTM. I created a simple node to place objects on a DTM and whole network works fine until I try to covert this network into Marionette Object.


For a path I tried to use Control Geometry node, but it looks like this node always moves selected object to the origin using centre (weight) point as a reference. As a result whole network does not read actual location (XYZ values) of the selected object, but it calculates all further operations using relocated to the origin values. As a result I cannot get the proper distribution on the DTM, since DTM is not located in the origin.


Picture A1 - base result. Only 2 last objects are moved on the DTM, but with wrong Z values.

Picture A2 - result when Marionette object is moved to the origin. It clearly shows that only the last 2 object are "on" the DTM, with correct Z values, which indicates what I've mentioned above - network uses relocated path instead of real location.



Obj on DTM.vwx

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