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Marionette - get values/strings or formulas from a existing worksheet


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am I missing something?
I kind of don't get values/strings or formulas from a existing worksheet...

I tried different rows and columns but I don't get the expected values.

I can't figure out how I get the right "Handle to the Worksheet = hWorksheet
I can search with obj by crit (=worksheet) and get i.e. type #56 - is this the correct one?
Can I access a Worksheet inside the Resource-Manager? (by name?)






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Item type 56 is the image of the worksheet on the drawing. You need an object type 18 which is the actual worksheet with the data.


I don't know how to get a handle to the worksheet based on the handle to the worksheet image in Marionette.  In Vectorscript there is a function GetWSFromImage(Handle_to_Image).



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