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Data record - one record being naughty





I have a bunch of symbols with a data record. Title, category, weight etc. Nothing fancy.


In my worksheet where I list these symbols, one item is populated in all columns except for Name which displays "---".


I thought the column was too narrow, but that was not the case. I have tried completely remaking the symbol and reattaching the record, also renaming the entry "banana" in case it did not like the string. To no avail!


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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55 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

Compare the record definition of the misbehaving symbol vs one that is working.  Are they the same record definition or different?  It looks like your name and weight records are not set to the correct data type.  A file  by would help with further troubleshooting.



Would you mind elaborating? All the other symbols are registering fine. The only difference between these symbols is the geometric shape inside.


The file is enormous and full of IP. It's complicated...



37 minutes ago, Tom W. said:

Is it to do with column A being Summarized?


It is summarised, but only one symbol is a multiple, and that one is not it. But interestingly if I un-summarise, the problem disappears


Thank you for your answers

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20 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

The --- indicates that there are SUMmarized items that have different values.


If all the values are the same for the SUMmarized items you get that value. If there is even one that is different you get the ---



Thats it! I had given two items the same number


Thanks ya'll

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