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In search of drawing Accuracy



The lack of managable decimal place accuracy in vectorworks is a big crippling flaw. Angular drafting with .0000 level accuracy on a large (? 500' long) 1/8 scale plan yields an array of small dimensional errors, which those of us that must work with Autocad offices very miserable.

Mixing rotated objects and snapped angular objects compounds the problem. Moving objects by polar coordinates (angle and distance) yields inconsistant results.

Mixed scales an obvious problem, due to the way Vectorworks manages accuracy, crippling an otherwise good feature. Is Autodesk's viewport an impossible way for VW to head?

We need assurance that VW is solving this problem, we don't want to give up on the other great features VW offers, but on this issue VW needs to join the Big Guys.

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This is a good comment.

The issue is a very important one - how are offices with VW interacting with the Autocad & Microstation world? The only way to make WV an acceptable alternative to the two overpriced big guys is to make VW run circles around them. This includes drawing file exchange, manipulation and program features that are compatible with other programs.

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I absolutely agree. The lack of precision beyond three or four decimal places is TOTALLY WEAK. I love VW as much as anybody else. But this is just embarrassing. It's a crippling limitation beyond etch-a-sketch style pictorial house plans. Aren't we growing up yet? Aren't we already in gigaflop speed? Aren't we already the new millenium?

Will we be cursing the program again under our breath when the new version comes out? I hope not.



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