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New Offset Edge Tool



I'm fairly used to using this type of tool in FormZ and 3D Studio Max. I've also watched a couple of tutorials showing how simple it is. In my experience, however, this tool does not work at all in Vectorworks 2023. Sure, I can select an edge loop, but it does not allow me to extrude it, "push/pull" it (in fact, I can't get the push/pull to work on anything), or even have the supposed new face react with any of the old tools such as extrusion. All it does is draw a red rectangle on my square face. A red rectangle that does nothing but get in the way. In one of the videos, it says there is a sub-option with this tool. I do not have such a sub-option. Can anyone let me know what the trick is to using these tools (offset edge and push/pull)? I'm using VW2023 SP4 on Windows10.  I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong in the click, don't click, drag, don't drag sequence. Thanks for any help on this.


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12 minutes ago, MGuilfoile said:

All it does is draw a red rectangle on my square face. A red rectangle that does nothing but get in the way.


You should be able to extrude this red face. Not sure why you can't. You don't need to change tool: with 'Push/Pull Mode' enabled you will get the red-highlighted face + be able to extrude it the same as with the 2D drawing tools.


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4 minutes ago, MGuilfoile said:

When you highlight the new red rectangle, do you hold down the mouse button?


To extrude the red face you just need to click on it once then move the cursor, the same behaviour as the Push/Pull Tool.


Not sure about the Alt key - not seen that mentioned... If you are in the first mode - 'Edge Mode' - you can hold down Shift to select multiple edges...?


Click on an edge, use the 3D dragger to move it where you want then click to release it, hover cursor over faces to get the one you want to highlight, then click on highlighted face once to extrude, click to release it.

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