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Using Worksheets to report on Hardscapes

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Hi All,


I am trying for the first time to create a spreadsheet that summarises surface areas of my paved areas within the project. I used Hardscapes to create them, but I also have Hardscapes that are not used as per the name on the tin and so I would like to exclude them from the worksheet but I can't find the way to filter them out. Is there anything I an do using formulae perhaps?

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Or if the "Non-Hardscape" objects are on a different layer you could use Layers to isolate the ones you want.


Or if you have the objects Named in such a way that you can identify which ones (easiest if one of the two types starts with a prefix(s)) you want or don't want to display you could use that.


Or attach a Custom Record Format to either the ones you want or don't want and use that.


Class or Layer are easiest.


Custom Record Format means you have to attach the record, but you can use the standard Criteria Builder.


Hardscape Name (Actual field name is 'Hardscape'.'ID') will probably require manual editing of the criteria formula instead of using the Criteria Builder, but it is not hard. But this means you only have to edit it in one place instead of attaching a record to every object that your want or don't want.


Tell us which way you want to go and if you need additional help.

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