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Vectorworks 2022 Augment3d Plug-in Not Importing

Nina Agelvis




I been trying to import my VW2022 file into Augment3d and I been having errors trying to import the plug-in. I looked up online and it says you can import either with MRV or ESC but neither of those files show up when I try to import it with Augment3d open as a tab. I also own Vision but I'm having trouble linking my nomad file into Vision although I don't have the patch ready in the Nomad.

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The Augment3d plug-in was abandoned after VW 2021 and will not work with either VW 2022 or VW 2023, as ETC decided to go with the new standard .MVR import method, though that didn't come until the release of Eos 3.2.0 last month.


So, to import the .MVR file in Eos, you will need to open the Browser and navigate to File - Import - MVR/Capture Model, as shown here:



Please note that you must have the Merge Augment3d Scenery option checked to get 3D geometry into your console.  If you do not see the MVR option in the Eos import, make sure that you are running version 3.2.0.

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