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Marionette "Duplicate Along Path"


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afaik there is no node (or similar) for the "Duplicate Along Path" command?


Any Idea how replicate the operation?...

Thought about:
1. splitting my path (polyline) into lines- remove the other objects (no idea how to deal with other objects then lines)
2. get their distance, orientation/angle
3. duplicate, move/align & rote my desired duplicates

kind of complicated ;D?


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Works pretty nice. played around with the resolution and skipping a few list items to control the number of placed duplicates while keeping the divided elements high for a better resolution.

To get more into the aimed direction/ my use-case:
Any Idea how to split the polyline into its segments? (creating a network with getting vertex points, the type (for each) via a boolean and recreating each segment one by one seems a bit too time-consuming for me right now (neither is my skillet at a level to do this smart and fast)


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