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Interiorcad XS 2023 presentation graphics

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I turned this into the extragroup site and filed a ticket, but have haven't heard back in six days. Honestly, I'm not sure they even look at the support tickets.


The 2D box that represents the cabinet on top/plan view, includes the door thickness. This is a problem for dimensioning and getting questions from both the cabinet supplier and my installers. For a 24" deep base cabinet with an overlay door, I need that box to be 24" deep. What Interiorcad does create a 2D box that is 24.75" deep (cabinet box plus the thickness of my door). 


I can get around it by editing the 2D component, however the connection between the actual cabinet and the graphic is lost when doing that. I could "fudge" the dimensions by selecting "no fractions" in the dimensioning precision box, but that seems like a bad way for me to do it.


I last used Interiorcad with version 2014. This problem didn't exist then, as it handled it fine. I'm thinking there must be a setting I'm missing somewhere that is causing this to happen. Can someone please guide me in the correct direction?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


My system:

Apple M1 Max with 64gb of Ram.

OS: Ventura 13.3.1 a

Interiorcad XS 2023


Example File.vwx

Example File.vwx

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I too have the same problem in the cabinet 3d tool. The 2d box covers the entire carcase door buffer and front. But i need it to show a separate box defining the outline of the front.  If i use a flush back which we do a lot of in New Zealand the 2d presentation box doesn't include the flush back. I have placed a ticket through Megabits the Zealand Distributor of Interiorcad many months but have not heard anything back from Extragroup. Until this issue is fixed does anyone have any good work arounds for displaying the cabinets in 2d top/plan view with a dashed line defining the carcase and front? I feel the way im doing it is not very efficient.

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I got a reply to my 2D presentation problem. It seems I've discovered a bug. I'm told I'll be kept apprised of a solution when it's available. Other than deselecting the "show dim" box for the dimension in the OIP, and putting in my own, there is no real work around at present. Personally, I'm not a fan of entering fictitious dimensions to make everything appear correct. There's simply too many opportunities to miss that and leave mistakes on the sheets.


I'm sure it'll get handled however, and I'm glad they're going to working to fix it.





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