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3D plants not on surface of site model

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I am using the latest landmark version 2023 update SP5, on Mac running Ventura OS.

Plants and landscape areas are not sending to the surface of the site model.  The plants are on a separate design layer and I have selected the plants layer to be used in site model.  I assume there is a plant / landscape area setup.

When control clicking on the plants and landscape area, a dialog box opens asking where to send the selection.  After selecting the site model, nothing happens.  Choices for the plants to be sent to is HARDSCAPE or SITE MODEL. 

I appreciate the forum and their collective knowledge - 


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Hi, @bob cleaver. Plants and landscape areas shouldn't be sent to the surface - they automatically adjust to the site model surface.

Plants don't have to be on a layer 'talking to' the site model - landscape areas do.


Are you saying the plants don't automatically adjust to the site model? If so, try to nudge them slightly while the site model is visible. If that doesn't work, please post a sample file, and I'll look at it. 

I haven't seen a bug in SP5 that would have stopped this from working - I just tested it in a file, and it seems ok, but I might be missing something.


Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 11.25.46.png

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@bob cleaver It will be interesting to see what Katarina discovers.

It seems like a very clean site model generated from 3D loci, bravo.

The only oddity is the rotated plan view used at some point during the creating of the model.

Not the highlighted boundary of the site which appears briefly while editing the site model surface and the rotated view.





And then there's this treat...

I made an array of trees, but only some land on the site at the correct elevation.




Hopefully someone will swoop in and save the day on this one, I gotta run.

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@jeff prince, you're right - the main issue was that the original site model data was rotated in plan view. I copied the data and recreated the site model in the same file, and then it worked fine. I did the same thing with the array to test 😁

The landscape area was a case of just telling the site model to listen to the layer where the Landscape areas were and then connecting the Landscape area object to the site model layer.

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  • 5 months later...

Hi can I throw a similar question in here? 

I have always designed my 3Ds on a flat surface for simplicity and as such have never needed to send plants to surface of a 3D site model. 

I now have to do the dreaded contour 3D design! I created a site model and added it to my design. But all the plants are still sitting at Z=0 elevation and the site model starts at 6m. How do I tell the plants to conform to the site model elevation? 


To clarify, I created a site model on a new layer and dropped it into my finished 2D design. Any new plants I create are sitting at correct elevation but the existing planting is all at Z=0. 

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