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hello I want to know about vectorworks file cloud sharing. The lighting designer is using vw2022 and I am using vw2023. Is it possible to update through cloud sharing regardless of the version? I'd like to know how to cloud share if possible.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @JHKim,

If you are asking about Project Sharing with Cloud Services, you need to use the same Vectorworks version. This is a requirement for Project Sharing in general - not just for Cloud Services, but for other storage providers as well.

The Cloud can process older file versions if you plan on exporting files to PDF, Panorama, etc. You can share files with each other regardless of file version, but you won't be able to work simultaneously on the same file. When sharing with your designer, you can just export to v2022 to make sure they can open what you have shared with them. When they share a 2022 version with you, you will be able to open it with Vectorworks 2023. All this sharing can be done via a Cloud shared folder with edit permissions, or via shared links with download-only permissions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more guidance with your setup.


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova



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