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Document Template Alias



It would be nice if aliases placed in the Templates folder in the VectorWorks folder could be used in the "Create Document" dialog when making a new file

Currently if you try to open an alias from the "Use Document Template" pull down menu, VectorWorks tells you the file is unrecognizable.

If aliases could be used as templates, it would allow you to keep templates in a common location, like a server, so that if templates are revised (we are always updating our templates), they could be revised in one location rather than having to copy the revised template to the application folder on each workstation.

Also, if the templates pull down menu could show folders with sub-menus, it would allow the user to to keep various sets of templates in other folders to reduce the length of the pull down menu when choosing a template.

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I just discovered a work-around for the alias problem. It seems that if you make an alias of an entire folder of templates, name this alias "Templates" and place this in the VectorWorks application folder, all of the templates contained within the original item are accessable when you choose a template from the pull down menu.

It seems a bit odd that the "create new document" routine will not recognize individual aliases placed in the templates folder, but if the templates folder itself is an alias, the routine works just fine!

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