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Is it possible to number rows of a worksheet to show what each row is related to?

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I have been looking into using worksheets to show the lengths of rolls of grass needed for plans that we are working on. We usually just show the grass rolls as red rectangles overlaying the shape of the grass we want to cover and use the dimension tool to show the length, but due to needing to now include additional information, it makes more sense to show it all in a worksheet.


I have attached an image of the space below and the worksheet showing the length of each roll, moving from left to right. Is there some way that I can label each roll with a number or letter (1-6) and show those numbers on the worksheet so it can be easily referenced?


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If you are not using the Name field at the bottom of the Object Info Palette (OIP) for anything else you can just put your identifier there (each Name will have to be unique) and then add an additional column to the worksheet with a formula of =N to report the name.


If you are already using the Name field, you can make a custom Record Format and then use a field in that. The required formula for the database will end up something like:




You can then attach that record format to each object and enter the desired value in the Data pane of the OIP.



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