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Over the past several years I have been quite frustrated at the poor selections VW has for keystroke macros. So, I broke down and got Quickeys. I have programmed so many single and tabular keystrokes that I can't put them all in one post. I am interested in hearing what others have done. Unfortunately, my macros that rely on clicking an icon won't work for anyone else if we don't have the identical arrangement. It would be really helpful if NNA allowed all commands to be included in menus, then Quickeys could get to them universally on any machine.

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My favorite macros are for arranging items relative to each other (align right/left/top/bottom). Another set does align top-right/bottom-left....etc. The sets consist of two key strokes. The first one pops up a table, then you select from the table of 9 possible values. The number pad graphically shows you what will happen. For example, I use CLEAR to pop up a table, then 7 to align top-left, 3 to align bottom-right, 4 to align left sides, etc.

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