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14 minutes ago, Christian Fekete said:

@jeff prince OMG it works perfectly! This is amazing, I really appreciate it, thank you. I will definitely look more into this. 

Good to hear.  There’s a nice class on Vectorworks university that you will probably enjoy.



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On 5/15/2023 at 10:18 PM, Tom W. said:


Sure see: Foundation Attributes.vwx




The Data Vis version is no different to how @jeff prince did it i.e. applying the visualisation to all objects on the class (since the foundations are in a dedicated class).

Thanks for posting the file.  For Viewport purposes I don't see a need to put the footing and wall on separate Design Layers, although graying the visibility of the footing layer would achieve a similar outcome.  I'll play around a bit with both options, and use one of these to show dashed footings, and then manually trace over them where needed with a solid line in the Annotations because I dash footings below slabs and show solid lines elsewhere.

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1 hour ago, E|FA said:

 For Viewport purposes I don't see a need to put the footing and wall on separate Design Layers


Absolutely. I tend to put them on different layers for visibility purposes + to control elevation, and have them all in the same class. But here I think I put them in a different class for the data vis but equally could have used the layer for the data vis instead.

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I have found that when it comes to walls the class overrides will work on the class the 'wall object' is in but not on the components inside of the wall. 

We make our footings out of walls with dashed lines and solid fills.  If you define this by the class the entire wall is in and you do not include any components inside of that wall style you should be able to override both line type and the fill when in section.  It is the lines and fills defined by the components that I can't override.

Additionally,  I use custom line types with my framing members and then class override those lines back to solid in my section cuts as well.

There seems to be some issues getting the textures correct in 3D when applying by Object instead of Component.  This could be a bug or I just don't have a setting correct yet.  I am able to set the proper texture wall by wall its just getting Wall-Footing class texture to show without the use of a component seems to be a bit tricky for some reason.

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