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Data Vis workflow for remodeling projects


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I started this thread to move the data vis discussion away from the hijacked: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/107553-styled-door-and-window-classes-in-remodel/



I created a custom Record Format with New/Existing/Demo (also "replace" but I think I might remove that).  I built the existing model and attached the Existing record to everything I could (Doors & Windows need to be selected separately from the Walls they're inserted in and Records attached to them separately).  I've trimmed the Walls that will be demolished and changed their record to Demolish.  So far so good.


Theoretically, EVERYTHING I add to a Design Layer from this point forward should get the "New" record.  The Record Format is set to default to New.  Can I set it to auto-attach to everything I draw?



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See attached sample file. I have created a 'Phase' Record + a 'Phase Wall' Wall Style that is set to go into the 'Wall-Main' class on insertion. I have set up a data mapping in the Data Manager that makes it so that every object created in or assigned to the 'Wall-Main' class will have the 'Phase' Record automatically attached to it. The default is currently 'Existing' but this can be changed in the Data Manager, or in the Record of course if you're happy for all mappings to be the same. This is about ALL I know how to do with Data Manager! Happy to give you the steps. I didn't find much useful info out there.


Phase by Record.vwx

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8 minutes ago, E|FA said:

FYI, there’s a VWU Data Manager video at https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/overview/view.php?id=5015


Yep saw that live at the time but was a bit over my head if I'm honest... I am not so interested in the IFC side of things.


9 minutes ago, E|FA said:

As I work through this, I’m realizing there’s no need to mark objects that are New.   Once Existing and Demolition are marked with a record, by default everything else (whether the Record is attached or not) is New.  I think I was overcomplicating things. 


I don't totally follow this. If the Record is not attached to new objects then yes I can see that they are by default not existing + not demolished, but presumably if the Record is attached then those objects will be defined by whatever the default value is for the Record? Plus is there not a benefit to having 'New'-by-Record objects in the file for Data Vis purposes?

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