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Site model skirt shows holes when cropped in VW2023

Tom W.


I have noticed that when I crop a Site Model I am getting holes in the skirt:




They aren't always obvious to see + I'm not even sure how clear the screenshot is: the red rectangles are marking the holes. Basically bits of the skirt are missing + you can see inside the hollow mesh. Not nice.


I exported the site model back to VW2022 + it's not happening there. I have no idea whether it's been happening since day one with VW2023 or whether it's a SP4 thing. Bit annoying...

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I have seen transparent sections of DTM skirt.  Not all DTM. I think the transparent areas are not always same location in a particular DTM.  No fix, but I will see if I can find or induce it in a file that has the problem. Now I need to find the file!


I wonder if there is some interference from a Grade Limits, or other modifier, close to or overlapping the DTM crop. Will check that also.


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I looked at 2 files I thought had blank areas in DTM skirt. Both Files now show fully opaque.  Maybe these were fine and some other file showed the problem, or a recent update solved it?


One had no grade limits.  Copied crop and Object from shape>Grade Limits, update DTM, no change in Skirt opacity.


More things to test:

     DTM, or errant object(s) far from origin? or mixed up georef?


     Hardware or app problem needs restart?


     External device drivers? Multi screen conflict?


I give up until I find the problem again.




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